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Peas and Straw

by Kit
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You will need:

  • 1 die.
  • Some items of clothing which can be quickly put on e.g. hat, gloves or oven gloves, scarf, etc.
  • 1 straw (or a straw per person if you are concerned about sharing straws)
  • 1 plate with dried peas on it.

Those playing form a circle around the plate of peas and alongside of which is placed the straw and spare clothing.

The die is passed from player to player around the circle until a six is thrown. The player who throws a six puts on the spare clothing as fast as possible. When dressed they then attempt to remove as many peas as possible from the plate using the straw by sucking each pea individually on to the end of the straw. While they do this the dice continues to be passed around and players switch each time a six is thrown. The player moving the most peas by the end of the game wins.

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