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Para-Seek (Cat and Mouse)

by Kit
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You will need:
– Parachute (play or otherwise)

Works best with larger parachutes. One player volunteers to be the ‘cat’ on top of the parachute, another player volunteers to be the ‘mouse’ beneath, with the idea of the top one catching the other, as in cat and mouse only in a different dimension.

All other players sit on the ground holding the parachute edge. With the player who is the cat on hands and knees in the centre on top. At the start of play, all the players around the edge start waving and rippling the edge of the parachute to make it billow and help hide the mouse who chooses where to go under the parachute and keeps moving around underneath until caught or if the game is time limited remains uncaught.

The nice thing about this game is that all other players have a role to play in helping to hide the mouse.

The cat can find it surprisingly difficult to find the mouse!

For another version of this have a look at ‘Cat and Mouse

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