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Chair Challenge

AKA: Stepping Stones Sent in by Joseph, Kingdom Kids, Childrens' Church Chapel of the Resurrection, Singapore "Here is.

Creepy Crawly

Equipment: Any small unbreakable object Similar to a relay race. Divide players into teams. Each team takes a.

Capture the Flag

You can be playing this for hours or minutes, you never know!" Submitted by Rachel W. Divide into.

Bean Bag Melee

Fun, physical, energetic, tactical One of those games which is now one of those I keep 'up my.


Sent in by Ashley Hoover, Iowa, USA Need: Two chalk erasers or similar to act as relay batons.

Ape, Man, Girl

Posted on the ex Christian Youthworkers egroupAnother variation of the rock, scissors, paper game. Have people pair off..

Acid River Drops

Sent in by Kelly Stringer, 1st Paulton Guides, Somerset, UK "I played this game at Oakhill Methodist Youth.

Dodge Ball

If there's ever a game that immediately comes to mind when working with children and youth it's dodge.

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