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Human Obstacle

Sent in by Katie O'Connor. Originally submitted with the title "Excuse me, I think you are balancing a.


Find anything handy which would make good obstacles, E.g. chairs, tables, benches, skipping ropes, netting (for going under).

Elves, Wizards, Giants

Elves, Wizards, Giants is a team version of the traditional game of `Scissors-Paper-Stone’, but uses funnier actions and.

Elf Defense

Equipment: Two sets of different coloured balloons (Around 25 to 50 of each for two teams of play.).

Electric Fence

Ideal team building obstacle task. Use two poles and piece of string or rope tied between the poles.

Dog and Bone

Equipment: Small throw-able (hand sized) bean-bag or some other small unbreakable object. Divide into two teams of equal.

Criss Cross

Simple game. Divide into 4 teams. Send each team into a corner. The object of the game is.


Best with 2 teams although can be played using 4. Teams line up, single file, equal distances from.

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