Mindbender: At a Crossroads

Driving one stormy night from Birmingham to a small town he had never visited before, a motorist is lost when he comes to a deserted crossroads. Unfortunately the wind had blown the signpost right out of the ground, but being a bright chap he figures out which is the right road to take. How does he do it?



He re-posts the sign, aligning it by pointing the "Birmingham" part back the way he came.

Sent in by Renai McLean

#12 is incorrect because: The question does not state that the sign had anything about burmingham(which as i can guess is Burmingham, Alabama) [Ed: Try Birmingham in the UK!] he would observe where the hole for the sign was and then reason that, since he was in the United States, know which way the sign faced because it is placed on the right side of the road, and if an intersection had four roads, the hole would be in one of the four corners, which means it could only belong to one of the two roads that met at that corner, assuming that they were two way roads. He knew that since he was in the U.S. and people drove on the right side of the road, the sign belonged to the road in which the right side was touching at the corner. Then he would place it were it went and know where he was going.

Sent in by Robert Ehrlich

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