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Mindbender: The Elevator

by Kit
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A boy who lived on the twenty-first storey used to go down in the lift each morning to go to school and when he came home he would take the lift up to the tenth floor and walk the rest. Why?



Might it be that he is too short to reach past the "10" button?

Sent in by Renai McLean

The elevator may only go up to floor ten, but has stairs going up to floor 21. (Some apartments are like this, because when they were first built they only had a certain # of stories, and were then added onto later, but only the stairs were expanded because an elevator is more expensive.)

Sent in by Hannah Belitz

I don't agree that he is not tall enough to reach the 21st button. I think that because of the way it is worded he no longer lives on the 21 floor and he now lives on the 10th floor. The operative words being, A boy who LIVED on the twenty-first story USED to go down the lift each morning. Now he only takes the lift to the 10th floor because that is where he now lives.

Sent in by Chelcie Guerra

#21 the first answer is correct but the second answer is incorrect because: You say that the boy rode down the elevator from the twenty-first floor and back up to the tenth, because the eleveator [sic] only went up to 10. But the question clearly states that the boy rode the elevator down from the twenty-first floor, so that proves that the 11-21st floors could be reached by the elevator. the third answer is also incorrect because the question is always in the past tense. He USED to go down from the 21st floor to school and when he came home, he WOULD go to the tenth floor. It never says the word NOW as that person "implied". Their answer is also wrong because the way the question was worded, he did the same routine every day. So it would be absourd [sic] to say that he moved twice a day. He would have to move twice a day because eventually he would have to go back upstairs to the 21st floor to start the whole routine over again.

Sent in by Robert Ehrlich

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