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Motor Car – skipping rhyme

by Kit
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Clayton North Primary School, Melbourne, Australia. 1974-80
Sent in by Denise McDonough

I had a little motor car,
And I took it round the cooooooorner
And I slammed on the brakes.

Sometimes we did “But the brakes didn’t work, so I …” but I don’t remember what we said then.

Doncaster, Melbourne, Australia. 1980's

1 person in the rope, 2 turning. Person in rope sings:

I had a motor car, 1968, 
took it round the corner (child runs around the turner and jumps back in) 
slammed on the brakes, but the brakes didn’t work and I took it down the hill, 
I took it really fast (turners speed up rope) 
and I’m going still. 

(The other children sing out:

How fast are you going?
1,2,3…. (whilst the turners keep speeding up the rope.)

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