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Lucky Seven

by Kit
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You will need:
– A parachute (play or other type)

This is an adaptation of a country dance but works well with the canopy. Number off round the canopy A, B, A, B etc. Use a lively ‘jig’ tune which repeats AA BB AA BB etc.

When the music starts:

  1. A’s hold the parachute with booth hands, circle 8 paces clockwise
  2. B’s holding the parachute with both hands, circle 8 paces anti-clockwise
  3. A’s turn to face clockwise; B’s turn to face anti-clockwise.
  4. A’s let go of parachute and to the music go under the arms of the B facing them. They do this seven times until they arrive facing, the eighth ‘B’.
  5. B holding the parachute with both hands all go into the middle twice mushrooming it each time.

When you are tired, if you want, on a count of 3 lift the canopy as high as possible, mushroom it and bring it down behind you and sit down. In this way, you can make a rather hot airless tent supported on the heads. Use this opportunity to tell a story, tale or explain what’s happening next.

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