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Adapted from a suggestion sent in by Craig Murray

Individuals in each group have to complete an obstacle course carrying various large items such as large bags, tents, crates, barrels, etc. BUT items are NOT allowed to touch the obstacle. If items touch an obstacle individuals have to start again. In addition, every 30 seconds individuals on the course have to swap whichever item they are carrying with another in the team.

If playing this out-of-doors and particularly if it’s hot weather, buckets of water being thrown over players as they try to complete the course and/or a hose is suggested.


<> Have a range of large items for each team. The next team member can start as soon as the person in front has passed the first obstacle. Team members on the course change with others on the course when the whistle goes.

<> Only one member of the team goes at a time. When the whistle goes the next in line runs on to take over, with the player being relieved returning to the end of the line.

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