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Old favourite at Youth Club. Needs a fair amount of space and as there is a risk (depending on skilful the players are) of accidentally treading on legs of somebody it’s a good idea if those playing don’t wear shoes.

Players pair up and sit down facing each other in two lines with legs together, outstretched and feet touching, so that each pairs legs form the rung of a ladder on the ground. Each pair is then given a number.

For the game; when a pair’s number is called out that pair has to get up, run down the middle of the ladder (without treading on any legs!), back around the outside and then back up the middle of the ladder to their original position. The player that gets back first and sitting in position wins that round.

You can play this is a team game, but worth making sure pairs are relatively equal.

A fun alternative to this is Story Ladders.

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