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Sent in by Victoria Crick

Similar to Football Rounders and Cricket Soccer.

Ideally sutied for playing indoors in a large hall. Two posts are set apart in the hall against one wall. The person batting (batsman) stands facing the bowler midway between the two posts. Everybody else fields standing where they like in the hall.

Diagram of Kicker setup.

Using a small foamball or equivalent, the ball is rolled underarm along the ground at the batsman who has to kick it. Runs are scored by running between ‘Home’ and the second ‘Marker’ post. Batsman always runs to the Home base first and whole runs are only counted after reaching it.

The batsman is only safe after touching the Home base. If he/she is not touching it they can be run out by either the ball being thrown and hitting the Marker or Home posts or a fielder running in and touching either post before the batsman reaches the Home base. Once the Bowler has the ball all running must stop and the batsman returns to the middle position.

I wasn’t told whether the rounders ‘catch out’ rule is also used, but that’s something you can decide whether to use or not depending on hard or easy your own group finds playing it.

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