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Hurly Burly

by Kit
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See also Frisbee Football

  • Small football
  • Team bands (or another way to identify those in the same team)
  • 4 posts

Place posts about 4 metres (15 feet) apart to act as goals either end of the playing area about 36 – 45 metres (120 – 150 feet) long.

  • Teams spread out in own half of playing area to start
  • Passing is by throwing ball.
  • Goals are scored by ball being thrown into opposing goal.
  • Tackles made by touching player holding ball.
  • Player touched must drop ball and cannot throw or pass the ball after being touched.


Touch and Pass

Play as Hurly Burly but goals scored when player carries ball over the opposition goal line and touches the ground with it as in English rugby or American football.

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Preston Hawley 30 June 2017 - 20:45

hi im trying to teach my class this game for home work but i cant fined out how long the the game goes for can you please tell me

Kit 3 July 2017 - 21:34

Good question. It’s actually one of those games you can decide yourself how long it lasts. You could easily just have a 10 minute game as a much longer one. It’s similar to American football or rugby (in the UK) and rugby is 40 minutes each way (ie total of 1hour 20 minutes). However, this is often too long when children play, so better to have much shorter games.

Alternatively you can play like Ultimate (Frisbee football) where there is not a set time, but rather the team that wins is the first to reach a set number of goals.


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