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Grab It!

by Kit
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Equipment: Bucket of water with bar of soap in it
(Messy game! so anything else required to protect property, sanity, life… etc)

Divide into two equal teams sitting down facing each other and holding the hands of team member next to them. At the one end of the line put a bucket of water with a bar of soap in it (if this is on carpet, put a layer of towels down to protect it.)

Stand at the head of the lines with a coin and flip it so only the first person in line can see the results as to whether its heads or tails. They are not to yell out how the coin landed or even look back at their team. If the coin lands on heads the persons in front are to squeeze the hand of the next team person who squeezes the hand of the next player in the team and so on communicating to the last person in the line that the coin was a heads. If the last person in line has their hand squeezed than they are to try to grab the soap out of the bucket before the last person on the other team does. The person successful in retrieving the soap gets to go to the front of the line. [Ed – If you have the space for a scrummage and an area you don’t mind getting messy you might want to play it so that its not just the first person to grab the soap, but the first person to sit at the front of their line with the soap. The looser returning to their place at the back]

If there is a mistake and the message is wrongly communicated to the person in back so they grab the soap when the coin was actually tails. The person in front must go to the back of the line. The first team to get their entire team forward in line (back person to front- not front to back), wins.


Ice Grab It

Use a huge bucket of ice/slush with a marble in it instead of bucket of water with soap. Not as messy as the original but less soap in eyes and everywhere. Plus they get really cold hands!

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