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Goalie Wars

Came across this one at football training and being played by some 4-6 year olds. Looks a good one for a bit of fun and developing some shooting skills and the coach commented he normally plays this with older children.

  • Lots of Footballs (at least several per side)
  • 2 Goals
  • 2 Cones

layout for goalie wars

Place the goals closer together than normal (base the distance on how old your players are). Draw a centre line between the goals and boundary lines. Place a cone at each end of the centre line where it meets the boundary line and divide the balls between the teams and place in the nets.

Players stand in goal or anywhere in their half of the playing area. One ball is in play each time. The main idea is for each team to kick the ball into the opposition goal, but teams cannot cross over the centre line. However, if players kick the ball past the goal of the opposition team the whole of the team (including the goalie/s) have to run to a cone and back again. In the meantime the opposition team can take any ball out of the net and try and score a goal. The team running cannot defend or stop the ball until they have touched the cone.  Winners are the ones with the most goals.

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