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Fox and Rabbit

by Kit
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silhouette of children running
Sent in by Kristi-Anna and Mike moderators of the Youthworkers email list.

A variation on ‘Tierce‘.

Everybody partners up and as a pair face each other and link both hands so arms form the ‘hole’. One set of partners is chosen to start. One of them becomes the “fox” and the other the “rabbit”. The fox has to catch the rabbit and if they do the roles reverse so that the fox now becomes the rabbit and the rabbit the fox. However the rabbit can ‘jump’ into holes and be safe (NOTE: pairs can either be sitting down or standing up, if they are standing up, the rabbit will have to ‘come up’ between the partners linked arms as opposed to jumping in between pairs that are sitting down). Whomever the rabbit’s back is turned to when they jump into the hole becomes the rabbit and the one who went into the hole now takes their place as part of that hole.

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