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Does your screen time need to diet?

by Kit
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Students using a smart phone for learning

Although fun and Games is focussed on games and activities that are away from computer and television screens, screens are prevalent throughout most people’s lives for work, play and rest and it’s very hard to avoid using them. The lockdowns during the covid pandemic have not helped and affected many of us, having to stay indoors and limits placed on travel. Difficult for those of us who’ve not had access to outside spaces to relax or play. It’s also important to remember not all screen time is bad. The question is how you manage it for yourself and/or children if have any.

What’s important is that there is no one answer that suits everybody. It’s a balance between what you are comfortable with, what is necessary, what is needed and what alternatives you have available. For many when working from home or just for that all important moment of personal space, letting your child/ren have access to having a screen has become a convenient tool.

However, if you are thinking screen time is too much and thinking of cutting back a bit, then you may find this piece on ‘My Tutor’ very useful. Although titled for teens, its information that would help any age ūüôā

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