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Doctor Doctor

by Kit
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A Dodgeball variation.
(Credited to Jon Talley)

Divide into 2 teams with each team going to opposite sides of the hall/playing area, each choosing a doctor which they keep secret (You may need 2 doctors for larger groups). Play as Team Dodgeball with teams throwing one or more softballs at the legs of the opposing team to eliminate the other team by getting all its players out. When someone is hit below the knee, they must sit. The Doctor, however, may touch the injured and bring them back into play. However, a Doctor may not bring him or herself back into play once hit. When the Doctor is hit, the team’s only hope is their skill.

Hint: Players shouldn’t just pop up when touched as this will give away the doctor. Another tactic is to also use a ‘decoy’ – a player who touches the players who are out (but cannot actually bring them back into play).

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