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Dice Code Game

by Kit
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You will need:
2 x dice
Paper and pencil
Dictionary for settling queries

For any number of players.

Write the following code on a piece of paper

2 = A
3 = E
4 = I
5 = O
6 = U
7 = D
8 = H
9 = N
10 = S
11 = T
12 = Y

B is a free letter and can be used without the dice. At beginning of a round choose how many letters are required to make up a word.

Throw the dice and try to make up a word to the required length using the letters in the code. Keep throwing the dice until a player has produced a word. First player to complete a word is the winner and throws the dice for the next round.

A possible game for when stuck-indoors and or over a teleconference as only one person needs the dice.

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