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Chicken Feed (Card Game)

by Kit
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some playing cards

This can get quite rough and boisterous, so clear the table of anything precious and use a pack of cards which you don’t mind getting damaged!

Spread your oldest pack of cards face up on the table or floor. One person is caller and sits with his or her back to the cards. The caller, working through a separate pack, shouts out a card, and everyone scans the table for it. The first player to spot it pounces on it with a forefinger, dragging it back to his place. Of course, as soon as his finger lands on the card, it will be joined by many others, all determined to make off with the prize.

Successful players use a combination of brute force and skilful manoeuvring. The winner is the one who captures most cards. Anyone using more than one finger, or applying elbow techniques is instantly disqualified. Cards torn due to rough play are void.

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