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Old Illustration a catapult construction


Always a fun challenge. It’s a simple premise, as teams or individuals, design and build a catapult or machine that can throw. Decide in advance which of the following additional challenges you want to set, or come up with your own.

  • an object over a set distance. if all succeed award a prize for the greatest distance.
  • an object over a set distance into a target area.
  • an egg a set distance without it breaking on landing.

How you set it all up is upto you. What materials you want to offer (eg straws, paper, string, elastic/rubber bands) or wood, dowels, bungee cord, etc. Also what time frame you want to set them e.g. within an activity session of a few hours, or over a day or as something to create over a few weeks to come back with what they have and see how it performs… Although you might need to set limits on size. Turning up with a full size ‘war wolf’ trebuchet will turn a few heads ūüôā (if you could actually get it there!).

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