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Captain Ball

by Kit
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  • Football, basketball sized ball
  • Bands or other markers may be needed to distinguish teams.


Draw a line dividing a pitch into two area, within each half draw 3 large circles (bases) arranged in a triangle so that each ‘triangles’ tip is furthest from the centre of the pitch. The circle furthest from the centre is designated as the goal. (See diagram)

Pitch layout for captain ballPlay:

6 (or more) players on each team. Each team selects one person to be a ‘goal catcher’ and two others as ‘shooters’ the remaining team members become fielders. Fielders may take up any position they like outside of the circles on their half of the pitch. The ‘goal catcher’ goes over to the other half of the pitch and stands in the goal circle, the shooters also go over to the other half of the pitch and stand in the other circles.

Goals are scored if the goal catcher catches a ball thrown by the shooters with both having at least one foot in their circles. Goals cannot be scored from balls thrown to the goal catcher by the fielders.

  • No running with the ball.
  • Goal catchers and shooters must have at least one foot in circle when catching or throwing the ball.
  • Fielders may not cross the centre line.
  • No pushing or charging.
  • Penalties are given as free throws by an opponent base player.

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Todd Moser 13 October 2016 - 15:42

The last line states “Penalties are given as free throws by an opponent base player.” There is no mention in the whole description as to a “base player” – are base players the shooters? Just not sure what that phrase means.

Kit 20 October 2016 - 21:08

– Hi Todd, it’s the disadvantage of writing down the rules to some games given to you by others. Actually base players are mentioned, but not directly. The 3 large circles on either side are described as ‘bases’ so base players are the three players from each team occupying these circles (2 shooters and the 1 goal catcher). Hope that helps to clarify.


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