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Bumper Car Skipping Rhyme

by Kit
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Essex, UK Version, 1980's
Sent in by Ruth

Bumper car, bumper car
Number 48
Whizzed round the cor…….ner (you leave the rope, run round one of the turners and return to skip)
Slammed on the brakes
Policeman caught me
Sent me to jail
How many bottles of ginger ale
1, 2, 3, 4… …


Bubble Car

South Yorkshire, late 1970's
Sent in by Rachel Matthews

Bubble car, Bubble car
Number 48
Turning round the co………..rner (draw out saying ‘corner’ as the skipper leaves the rope to run round one of the turners, and then back into the rope)
and then put on the brake (stop the rope between your legs)

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