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White Elephant

by Kit
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Sent in by Donna Click

Good game for larger numbers of people and for dealing with those unwanted gifts…

Everyone brings a single gift. The idea is that it is some sort of a white elephant gift that no one wants – thus the “elephant”. However, some people put in some good stuff and those along with the junk are what make it fun. Sometimes some else’s junk turns out to be what people fight over the most. Individuals can also choose to disguise ‘white elephants’ in very pretty wrapping or likewise treat something nice in plain wrap, which adds to the fun as you then can’t tell what the content will be.

Gifts are numbered as they arrive. When all the guests have arrived and the game is played these numbers are given out at random. When a guests number is called they go and collect the appropriately numbered gift. You can also play it where the gifts are not numbered, but individuals are called in turn (by number) to go and select the gift they want the most.

When you get your gift you can open the box or swap it for any other gifts in the circle. However, gifts can only be exchanged 3 times and the 3rd person gets to keep it forever. Which can cause a little trouble, but also makes the game good and keeps the same object from being passed around all night. If you choose something else instead of your wrapped gift, then the person you traded to gets to open your gift which means the same person could be opening gifts all night if things fall right.

A popular game for large parties, but it can take a while if the crowd is very big. However, the more people, the more fun it is. 

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