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What’s the Time Mr Wolf?

by Kit
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A stalking tag game.

A game for younger children. One person becomes the catcher and stands on one side of the hall or if outside by a tree or other feature. The remaining players either stand at the opposite end of the hall or somewhere else that can be called home.

In Mr Wolf players as a group move towards the catcher with the objective of reaching his/her base before being caught. After a few steps so players stop and call out “What’s the time Mr Wolf?”. The wolf can reply either with any time of the day in which case the game continues as before with players advancing, but if the catcher calls out “dinner time” he/she then has to try and catch as many players as possible before they reach home. Players can run from the Wolf, but when approaching have to walk taking one or two steps each time before asking what the time is.

In a variation the Wolf stands with their back to advancing group, so they can only guess how close players are to them.

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