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Old black and white photo of groups of children on homemade go-karts. Credits: Media Wales

A good way to encourage upcycling and reuse of scrap materials.

The challenge is for teams to source the materials, design and build a go-kart they can use to race. Although it might be possible for whoever is running it to source the materials themselves enough for each team and for them all to build it in a big single event. You will probably find it easier to let teams go away and have a set period of time to complete this in (eg a month or so).

Decide also what type of course these go-karts have to face, eg a downhill one? one with bends? etc

You might want to consider giving prizes for

  • Fastest go-kart over a set distance (you can decide how karts are powered, pushed, downhill running, hand cranked, etc).
  • Most stable but manouverable go-kart
  • Favourite by popular vote

…Don’t forget safety gear!!

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