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Swimming pool games – Life-Saving Skills

If you have a lifeguard nearby who is willing, or if you know some yourself waht about teaching some of the simpler ones. Many skills are not about getting into the water and being able to swim, in fact the main advice for life-saving is to stay out the water if possible as you are in a much stronger position to get somebody to safety and there’s always the chance that what got somebody into trouble will affect you as well in the water.

Skills such as

  • Knowing how to coil and throw a rope from the waters edge
  • Gripping the person via the wrist so there is less chance of slipping
  • Assessing the water from the water’s edge
  • Using a stick or pole to assess water depth for murky water can’t see the depth and continuing to if you have to wade in further to reach them.

Caution icon
Remember water is dangerous.
Always put SAFETY FIRST.
Always obey any pool rules
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