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You will need:
– Paper and pencils
– List of items (preferably of a similar theme). It may be helpful to have these written individually on pieces of card.

Either as a team or a single group, the first person of each team or the first person to play selects the first word. That player then goes back and attempts to draw the word (without any writing) so that the other players can guess it. The person doing the drawing may only answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to questions. The player guessing the item then goes up and selects the next word.

Players can decide if the word is too hard and go and get the next one.

Play as a group just for the fun, or as teams with the first team to complete a set number of words winning.

Fancy a different challenge?

Playdough Pictionary

Instead of using pencil and paper to draw. Use playdough (or any other modelling alternative like clay, plastercine or salt dough) to model the word.

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