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Pacify the Baby

by Kit
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Sent in by Pamela Joseph

We tried this game at a baby shower and it was great fun!”
“Its funny because there are six or more ‘babies’ making noises and the ‘parents’ can’t figure out which one is their “baby”! Crying babies cannot talk or give clues, besides crying, to where they are standing/sitting.”

Pamela Joseph

Split into pairs (it’s better if there are about five or more pairs). One player from each pair plays the “baby” while the other is the “parent”.

Each parent is blindfolded and holds a pacifier and stands on the opposite side of the room from the babies. Spin the parents six times and while the baby cries, each parent must find their baby and put the pacifier in the baby’s mouth before the other parents do! Babies can only ‘cry’ or make baby sounds. No directional or individually identifiable sounds allowed! 🙂

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