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Human Obstacle

by Kit
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Sent in by Katie O’Connor. Originally submitted with the title “Excuse me, I think you are balancing a quarter on your nose and going through an obstacle course.” I’ve somewhat shortened the title for ease.

Divide your kids into two teams (preferably long time rivals, like boys against girls).  Have each team go to opposite ends of the room and pick out two volunteers from one team. The other team has to create an obstacle course using their bodies (at its simplest just have players stand and expect the others to weave around them). Have one of the volunteers balance a quarter (a coin) on their nose and have the other guide them through the obstacle course that the other team has made.  Whoever’s team makes it through successfully first is the winner.

Considering the difficulty of balancing a coin for the whole course, the obstacle course might need to be ‘realistic’ to complete. e.g. hurdling over bodies or being asked to do a limbo through some legs, might be impossible.

The rules are:

– No cheating, if the quarter drops, you have to start all over.
– Human obstacles are not allowed to move or cause the Balancer to stumble.

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