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Fill the Bucket

by Kit
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Relay Race/Obstacle Course

You need:
– Bucket for each team
– Water
– Cup or another similar container for each team

Probably one for outdoors unless you don’t mind where you play getting wet. Set out an obstacle course taking full advantage of what’s available to you, eg going under tables, under and/or over any netting, walking along planks or logs of wood, hurdles, etc. Put an empty bucket for each team at the end of the course.

Teams are given the task of filling a bucket with as much water as possible in the fastest time, but they can only do it by one member at a time running around the obstacle course with the cup of water. If they spill any or all the water they still have to complete the course with the tumbler before returning directly and passing the beaker onto the next member of the team.

Give each team member one or two goes. Points awarded for finishing first and points for most water (use a ruler to measure depth).

Something to do as well if you are stuck-at-home and looking for something to do. Have members of the household compete against each other rather than as a team or just do it as a personal challenge.

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