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Egg based challenges.

All the following activities/challenges are based on using eggs. Some are messier than others.

Egg Launcher

An excellent finale activity whereby teams build a catapult to launch their eggs. You can also consider setting this as a project to be completed by teams over a week or two and if wanted perhaps not mention what’s going to be launched!

Add your own twists to make this into a highly entertaining activity.

Egg Retrieval

Attach raw or hard-boiled eggs (or something equally breakable but not precious) to a ceiling or beam using thread or string. Without climbing or using your hands retrieve the egg without it breaking.

Egg Throw

Do this outdoors using raw or hard-boiled eggs (depending on how messy you want this to be). Not strictly a group challenge, but it can be worked into one. Groups divide up into pairs with an egg for each pair. Standing close together in an open field facing each other, each pair then proceeds to throw the egg between themselves, one of them taking a step back each time the egg has been successfully caught, so the distance being thrown over gets increasingly greater. Group or pair which succeeds in throwing and catching the egg without breaking it over the greatest distance wins.

Mars Landing

To highlight the problems of landing a vehicle on another planet safely without it breaking. Challenge groups to come up with and build a design that will stop an egg from breaking on impact when dropped from a height.

In a similar way to a lander whatever design is used, it must be part of the egg’s transport. It can’t be ‘built’ in place to receive the egg. Feel free to allow for any teams thinking ‘outside the box’ and creating designs that can be separately launched and then self-build or assemble.

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