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Christmas Treasure Hunt Answers

by Kit
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1 S I N T E R K L A A S
2 P U R I T A N
3 M I N C E P I E
4 E G Y P T
5 S I L E N T N I G H T

Part of the fun is to make them sing it to get the prize…

  1. Sinter Klaas is the Dutch name for St Nicholas and origin of the name ‘Santa Claus’.
  2. Using “Sinterklaas” as the keyword, this is written as “Sinterkla” (as there are 2 S’s and 2 A’s so you only use the first occurrence of these letters). The deciphered code is a question, the answer to which is the ‘Puritan’ religion which banned Christmas for a long time (See Carol fact sheet).
  3. Use the edible one = “Mincepies
  4. Unless you know the answer “Egypt” you’ll need to look up the bible and read Matthew 2 for it. Which is the last two anagrams in Clue 3.
  5. Again in the Carol fact sheet, ‘Silent Night‘ is now sung in 180 different languages.

Finally when written out, the words align to say “Sing Silent Night“, which is what you have to do to get the prize.

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