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Sent in by Kayla D

Nominate someone to be the leader, who then has to do something funny like a funny walk or an impression of someone, then they jump into the pool anyway they want. The other players then have to follow and copy what the leader did. If they get part of it wrong they get given a C of the word CHICKEN. This happens each time until they have collected all the letters that spell CHICKEN.

Players can also decide to chicken out on a particular go to avoid getting a letter. But show that they have chickened out by doing the chicken dance, say “Bok, Bok” and then jump in the pool. Players may only chicken out 5 times.

You can make the game easy, medium, or hard:-

  • EASY – Players don’t have to do it exactly and can chicken out as many times as you want.
  • MEDIUM – Players have to copy the main idea and can chicken out 5 times.
  • HARD – Players have to copy the leader’s movements exactly and can only chicken out 2 times.

Caution icon
Remember water is dangerous.
Always put SAFETY FIRST.
Always obey any pool rules

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