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Welcome to FunandGames.org a free online archive of games and activities since 1999.

There are literally hundreds of games and activities, with more being added on a regular basis. Feel free to browse what’s there or if you are looking for a specific game or activity use the search, categories or tags.

A hint about navigation

All games and activities are categorised and tagged. UK English spelling is used as the main language throughout the site. ‘Search’ will also search categories, tags as well as any text within the posts. We can’t promise every game has all possible tags or categories so if something is missing contact us to suggest an edit.

Latest posts

  • Does your screen time need to diet?
    Although fun and Games is focussed on games and activities that are away from computer and television screens, screens are prevalent […]
  • Play Observatory – Play your part
    So how did you play during the COVID lockdowns? Was it totally online? Did you get out at all? What did […]
  • Cat and Mouse
    aka “Streets and Lanes” This does need a large number of players. E.g. school groups or similar sized parties. It is […]
  • Boatman, boatman
    Variation of Bulldogs. Two areas either side of the hall or pitch become the banks of the river (safe area), the […]
  • Octopus
    Variation of Bulldogs. Set up as in Bulldogs with all players standing at one end of the playing area. Depending on […]
  • [System notice] Please excuse the mess…
    Despite trying things out using a staging server, a lot of things got messed up when applying a new theme to […]
  • British Bulldogs
    Use a large pitch or hall for this game, to allow players plenty of room for manoeuvrability. Home ground is both […]
  • Stuck-in-the-Mud
    aka: Scarecrow Tig One or more players are chosen as catchers depending on the number playing. There is no ‘home’ or […]
  • Sprout Tag
    Sent in by Estaban The game starts with everyone being able to tag everyone. Tagging is by touching the other person […]
  • Sharks
    Two players are designated as sharks and stand in a small marked area in the center of the room. All other […]
  • Rabbits – Rats
    Draw a line down the middle of the hall or pitch being used and divide the group into two teams, the […]
  • On the Lines
    Equipment: Tennis court or similarly marked out area with lines on the floor. This form of Tag is more for taking […]
  • Off-Ground Tag
    Sent in by Ian Davidson The game is very similar to normal tag (or tick as it is called in Liverpool). […]
  • Kick-the-Can
    Slightly adapated from a suggstion by Eyore87Doobers Equipment: empty metal food can This game is best played at night. It is […]
  • Hug Tag
    Play as normal Tag, but pairs of players hugging each other are safe. by
  • Hen Pecked!
    Loosely based on Coloured Eggs a game sent in by Littlebrat994 Game for any time, although would work well in any […]
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