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Welcome to FunandGames.org a free online archive of games and activities since 1999.

There are literally hundreds of games and activities, with more being added on a regular basis. Feel free to browse what’s there or if you are looking for a specific game or activity use the search, categories or tags.

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All games and activities are categorised and tagged. UK English spelling is used as the main language throughout the site. ‘Search’ will also search categories, tags as well as any text within the posts. We can’t promise every game has all possible tags or categories so if something is missing contact us to suggest an edit.

Latest posts

  • Creative games in retirement homes
    I’ll just leave this here… A video compilation we came across on the LAD Bible page on Facebook of adapted and alternate use of equipment and items to produce games…
  • Password management
    Passwords, ubiquitous but essential for keeping information private. Even if you think it is not necessary to keep your information, you never know who might be interested and likely to…
  • Blah Blah Blah
    Personally feel whoever dreamt up the idea of turning the popular card game of UNO into one based on phonics had a total moment of genius. That effectively describes “Blah…
  • Protected: Roman Empire Timeline
    This content is password protected.
  • Infinity Tag
    Popular at a local junior school (KS1-KS2) and played as one of their physical education games. Everybody starts out as a tagger (or ‘It’), but that means you need to…
  • Please help stop the UK Schools Bill.
    If you are UK resident, please sign to stop the Schools Bill. From personal experience, it is totally the wrong approach which will affect many families who are needing help.…
  • We support Ukraine.
  • Creating a Nature Garden
    There’s a much greater awareness now of how important plants are for the ecology of the planet and keeping us alive. However, it’s perhaps less known just how intricately interwoven…
  • Finding EVE – Journey continues 2
    [All posts relating to EVE Online have now been moved to a sub-site http://eve.funandgames.org. This post can now be found at http://eve.funandgames.org/2023/02/14/finding-eve-journey-continues-2/ ]
  • Light painting
    Playing and experimenting with light is a lot of fun. Especially for children. Light painting is a particular photography technique that captures how any torch or light source is moved…
  • Finding EVE
    More a series of posts about my personal journey with EVE Online. A massive multiplayer online game of space exploration, commerce, industry, combat and/or piracy amongst some of the more common roles you choose to take on.
  • Pupil Researcher Initiative (PRI) projects
  • Bubble fun!
    There’s lots of things you can do with bubbles. Experiment yourself with bubble mixtures (look out for the ‘catchable’ bubble mixtures which allow you to catch and hold bubbles without…
  • Face Painting
    How to Face Paint: 5 Things You Must Know Before Getting Started Hardly a fete or event goes by without somebody offering face painting (certainly in the UK), its simple…
  • what3words
    Install this on your smartphone and get your children to install it as well. You might not use it often, but it could save a life or just help you…
  • Sky High – Paper challenge
    Easy to set up team challenge, that’s useful for using up old newspapers and recycling old paper or cardboard. Although if working in separate teams, each team should have exactly…

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