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A lively game that requires a leader to manage play. Each player thinks up the name of a.

Pass the Parcel

You will need:- Lots of old wrapping paper, bags, etc.- Prize for the centre- Optional: Selection of small.

Keep Your Partner

A good one for Valentine parties (or any other time for that matter!) You will need:Chair or stool.


What you need:- Random variety of miscellaneous items... boxes, containers, household items, clothing, sports equipment, etc. you choose.

I Have Never

Sent in by Mark Lussier A good game for finding things out about others. Makes for a good.

Hula-Hoop Pass

Sent in by Erika Dorsey You will need:A Hula-Hoop or similar large ring. You could consider playing this.

Poor Pussy!

Simple but fun group game, good for parties as well. The object of the game is too make.


Sent in by Jon Hyde Here is a game which I learnt about a year ago and my.

Find the Leader

One player, the 'guesser', goes out of the room (or in some way prevented from knowing who is.

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