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Up your sleeve


Old paper and pencil game (or any writing surface) for two or more players. An early version mentioned.

I Spy…

One of those very old traditional games, but very simple and popular, particularly as a travel game, for.

Honey, do you love me?

AKA: "Smile Honey if you love me" Sent in by sugarnspice71613 also Deborah Wilson, Tecoma Christian Reformed Church.

Five of a Kind

Simple game for younger players (and older if you pick more difficult topics) Call out a letter and.

Find the Leader

One player, the 'guesser', goes out of the room (or in some way prevented from knowing who is.

Fairy rafts

An eco-friendly activity for children (and adults). Something for outdoors when you are near any water or an.

Dead Donkey

AKA: 'Sleeping Lions' ; 'Soliders' A nice easy game to keep up your sleeve for any occassion when.

Honour of Siam

Quick gag that was found in a very old book [ref?], hence the use of 'Siam'. However, do.

Simon Says

AKA: "O'Grady Says" Old traditional game. Good for groups, parties and moments when you want a short game.

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