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Pass the Parcel

You will need:- Lots of old wrapping paper, bags, etc.- Prize for the centre- Optional: Selection of small.


Not a quiet game… Play in pairs or as a team, one person chooses a non-sense word or.

Lucky Seven

You will need:- A parachute (play or other type) This is an adaptation of a country dance but.

Musical Statues

Very old, traditional party game (in the UK) particularly for primary school-age children and almost always played to.


Everybody, except one person, takes a chair and sits on it anywhere they like in the room. The.

Dancing Feet

At a given signal, players alternate from running on the spot very quickly to running around. Can be.


Equipment: Hoops or chalked circles of various sizes scattered around the playing area. Players are told that these.


AKA: Musical Crash or Clump Players mingle or dance around a space. Constantly moving until the leader shouts.

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