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Dodge Ball

Spider Ball

Played: FISH Club, Ewell, Surrey Use a large enclosed space. Start with two or three throwers. Basic dodgeball.


Submitted by Victoria Crick. Played at Blenheim High School, Epsom Can be played as a team or non-team.

Team Dodge Ball

Divide into even teams (or evenly matched!). Each team standing in one half of a court. Teams then.


aka 'Witches Glue Pot' Play as with dodge ball, but instead of sitting out to the side players.

Hostage Dodge Ball

A simple dodge ball game designed to provoke discussion about being hostage. 1 player is the Captor and.


Supplied by Rachel Gilchrist Use a beach ball. Everybody puts 1 hand behind them and use the free.


Variation of Dodgeball suggested by Cloie92 As dodge ball (players hit below the knees by the ball are.

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