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An activity or game that can be used at the start of session where individuals may not know it other so well or to just get to know each other a bit better

What’s on TV?

You will need:- TV magazines or images of TV programmes printed from the internet- Paper and pencils Gentle.

Silly Scrumple

Sent in by Nicole O. One person is selected as the leader (who remains out of the game).

Funny Photo Angles

Party or group activity, quiz. Useful as an icebreaker as it encourages socialising. Photograph a number of everyday.

Instant ID

You will need:A large thick piece of cloth, sheet or blanket (something you cannot see through) Divide into.


What you need:- Random variety of miscellaneous items... boxes, containers, household items, clothing, sports equipment, etc. you choose.

I Have Never

Sent in by Mark Lussier A good game for finding things out about others. Makes for a good.

Honey, do you love me?

AKA: "Smile Honey if you love me" Sent in by sugarnspice71613 also Deborah Wilson, Tecoma Christian Reformed Church.

The Hat Game

Players don't need to know each other so it's a good icebreaker on occasions when there are strangers.

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