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Old Common Phrases Quiz

How well do you know some well-known phrases or at least they used to be well-known :-)? Fill in the blanks with your answer. Use the whole missing…

The Underground Quiz

Not an easy quiz. The Underground Quiz is based on London Underground stations. From the clues given see how many of the 35 station names you can work…

Spelling fill in the blanks RedT2W1

Spelling words from Red Group – Term 2 Week 1 by

First World War timeline

Educational Resource If you are doing history about First World War (WW1 or WWI) you are very welcome to view and use this resource. This timeline focuses on…

Birds Word Search

Can you find the 20 different birds listed in this Word Search. No prizes. Just the opportunity to have a bit of fun. by

Spellings Memory Game, Green Week 6

Another for you Georgia. Find the word that matches the definition in this memory game. by

Spelling Word Search, Green Week 5

For spellings Friday 9 Oct 2020 Can you find this week’s spellings in the word search? Careful they can go diagonally and backwards (and diagonally backwards) 🙂 by

Spellings Memory Game, Green Week 5

9 October 2020 Something for you Georgia 🙂 A little memory game. by

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