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Slightly adapated from a suggstion by Eyore87Doobers Equipment: empty metal food can This game is best played at.

Fox and Geese

A tag game where 4 or 5 players are the geese. They form a line by placing their.


AKA: 'It', 'Tick', 'Catch', Come-on you must have played this at sometime... If there's a culture where the.


Can easily just try this with two people, but gets more fun with more in each group. The.

The Sponge

Credited to Elizabeth Oliveras Some games are just too good not to share and this one is quick,.

Messy race!

Each team either nominates a team member or takes it in turns. Shallow tray filled with honey, treacle.

Jigsaw Relay

Give each team the pieces to a simple unassembled jigsaw (e.g. no more than 50 pieces). One jigsaw.

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