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Don't do this on a hard floor and be aware of any who have weak backs. There's a.

Pole Game

Submitted by Joan Esser Preparation: Take a 5 foot (1.5m) closet pole / wooden pole. Drill holes all.

“Inky Poo”

Glyn School, Epsom circa 1980's This one was used during Glyn School 6th Form (17-18-year-olds) biology field trips,.

Egg Throw

This can be done with real eggs or something less breakable if preferred as doing this with eggs.

Fanning the Kipper

You need: paper and scissorsold magazines or cereal packet cardboard. Race/Relay Race/Activity Cut some large A4 sized fish.

Time Ball

Relay Race You need:- ball for each team Teams line up with about 2m between each player and.

Fill the Bucket

Relay Race/Obstacle Course You need:- Bucket for each team- Water- Cup or another similar container for each team.

Hand Ball

Relay Race You need:Ball or balloon for each team Teams form a line one behind each other facing.

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