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Mindbender: Colour change

What is black when you buy it, red when you use it, and grey when you throw it away? NEXT > by

Mindbender: The way the wind blows

An electric train is heading north at 60 mph. If the wind is blowing west at 30 mph, what direction is the smoke blowing? NEXT > by

Mindbender: Zero Divide

Divide 500 in half. How many times do you divide the dividend(?) before it reaches 0? NEXT > by

Mindbender: Halve to make zero

What number is actually possible to divide in half to create (key word!) zero? NEXT > by

Mindbender: Missing money

Three brothers shopping for a TV walk past a shop and see a TV on sale for £30!. ‘Bargain’ they think only £10 each as they always share…

Mindbender: How many fishing?

2 sons and 2 fathers go fishing. They each catch one fish. The total number of fish they caught was 3 fish. How is this possible? NEXT >…

Mindbender: Dead of night

A man wakes up in the middle of the night and wants a snack, so he goes downstairs, gets out a sandwich and a glass of milk from…

Mindbender: What is it?

What starts on four legs, then on two, then on three? NEXT > by

Mindbender: Next vowel please

AEEOEEIEUE… what is the next letter? NEXT > by

Mindbender: The three suitors

[This puzzle also commonly comes up in the guise of the interviewer and interviewees.] A king is searching for a suitor for his daughter, so he collects the…

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