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Mindbender: Icy escape

You are trapped in the middle of a frozen lake that is so smooth that there is absolutely no friction so there is no way you can grip…

Mindbender: Butcher’s weight

A butcher is 5′ 10″.  What does he weigh? NEXT > by

Mindbender: Fathers and Sons

There are 2 fathers and 2 sons sitting around a table. How many people are there? NEXT > by

Mindbender: Consonant place name

Which English place name (also the name of a London tube station) contains 6 consecutive consonants? NEXT > by

Mindbender: Taken literally


Mindbender: Triangles

How many triangles? NEXT > Save by

Mindbender: County Cricket

How to get the better of someone who thinks he knows everything about cricket! Ask him how many counties there are in the County Championship. NEXT > by

Mindbender: Double speed

A silly one! There is a drain-pipe lying in the road. It is fifteen feet long. A squirrel pokes its head in at one end and then runs…

Minbender: No births

Which State returns a “Nil Births” every year? NEXT > by

Mindbender: Tall story

Man has 7 neck vertebrae, how many does a giraffe have? NEXT > by

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