A few games to help with spelling practice and word meanings. All free to play online.

Green Level

Week 1

Words: daughter, autumn, clause, astronaut, applaud, author, distraught, naughtiest, aeronautical, audience.

Week 1 Word Search

Week 1 Memory Game

Week 2

Words: inaccurate, indefinite, incomplete, infinite, inedible, indecisive, indestructible, inadequate, incomprehensible, inefficient.

Week 2 Word Search

Week 2 Memory Game

Week 3

Words: immeasurable, immovable, impossible, impatient, important, improper, immaculate, immaturity, impartial, implausible.

Week 3 Word Search

Week 3 Memory Game

Week 4

Words: illegible, illogical, illiterate, irrelevant, irresponsible, irresistible, illuminate, irrational, irreparable, irreplaceable.

Week 4 Word Search

Week 4 Memory Game

Week 5

Words: medal, meddle, scene, seen, bored, board, stationary, stationery, cereal, serial.

Week 5 Word Search

Week 5 Memory Game

Week 6

Words: confusion, decision, collusion, television, inclusion, explosion, extension, obsession, conclusion, comprehension.

Week 6 Word Search

Week 6 Memory Game

Week 7

Revision of words from Weeks 1 – 6

Week 7 Mega Memory Game