Lap Game

Good icebreaker game for finding things out about others…. and a useful game to have up your sleeve for big parties such as Valentines.

Create a circle of chairs facing inwards so that everybody playing has a seat to themselves. There is no limit to numbers, but it’s better to play this with larger numbers (eg 20+) than smaller. Ask players to remember the chair they are in as the object of the game is to do a complete circuit around the circle of chairs and get back to their own chair.

The game’s leader can take part in also being seated and moving around but normally doesn’t. The leader calls out various things that could apply to individuals and also the number of places they can move if this fact is true for them. E.g. “If you are wearing white socks, move 2 places”, “If your birthday is in January, move 1 space”, etc… 

If the fact applies to a player they get up move that number of places to their left (clockwise), sitting on the chair or lap of the person or person’s already there (The number of players sitting on each others laps can get quite a lot!). Younger children playing are allowed to adjust their position so they are on top of the pile and not getting squashed.

If you want you can also play it so that certain facts are ‘negative’ and players have to go back a number of places eg, “If you didn’t brush your teeth this morning, move two places to your right” 🙂

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