Keep Your Partner

Good game for anytime, but a nice one for any valentine theme parties đŸ™‚

This game ‘needs’ an odd number of players, so if you are organising it be prepared to ‘take part’ or volunteer not to in order to achieve this.

Players partner up either with their real partners or any partner (it doesn’t matter). Form a circle of chairs facing inwards, one chair for each pair of players, plus a chair for the odd player. One member of each pair sits down on the chair while the other member stands behind their partner and chair close enough to be able to touch their shoulders. The player without a partner stands behind an empty chair.

The object of the game is for the player without a partner to attract to his/her chair somebody else’s partner who is sitting down by winking at them. If a player who is sitting down is winked at they have to get up quickly and go to the empty chair. They can be stopped only if their partner can touch them on the shoulder before they have stood up and moved out of reach. Players standing up are restricted to standing behind their chairs. They cannot move within the circle of chairs.

The player with an empty seat now has to attract their partner back or another partner into their seat… Set a time limit and the person who has no partner at the end of the time is the loser.

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