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Tag games

Games that are based on ‘tag’ (also known as ‘it’ or ‘chase’) where one or several players chase after the others and tag the other player by touching or some other method defined by the rules.

Keep Away

Players stand in a large circle. One player is 'It' and is free to move around in the.

Run the Gauntlet

Adaptation by Kit Logan Alternative to the game Australia by Kit Logan, using a different course layout that.


Equipment: 2 coits (small rubber rings) or relay batons Preparation: Need a rectangular marked out area or tennis.

Frizbee Football

Frizbee's are better known as flying disks and Frizbee Football is a simplified version of Ultimate. The official.

Dog and Bone

Equipment: Small throw-able (hand sized) bean-bag or some other small unbreakable object. Divide into two teams of equal.

Capture the Flag

You can be playing this for hours or minutes, you never know!" Submitted by Rachel W. Divide into.


Sent in by Ashley Hoover, Iowa, USA Need: Two chalk erasers or similar to act as relay batons.

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