Welcome to “Fun and Games.org” an online resource for all those looking for ideas, games and things to do for children, youth, parties and events since 1999.

Fun and Games.org specialises in the traditional and contemporary group or playground games played by children, youth and adults, the site has hundreds of games listed covering virtually any situation or occassion: indoor and outdoor games, games for the day and night, from small quiet games through to large boisterous games and wide games for when you have acres of space to play in. There are also puzzles, challenges and activities.

This site uses WordPress with all the advantages a blog format can bring such as being able to search for games and activities according category, content and/or tags.

Kit in calligraphic writing


Where’s the old ‘big’ site?

It’s still there… as the way the new site is organised with so much content it’ll take time to transfer. So for the time being the old site is existing along side the new one. To access all the content either follow the ‘old site‘ link below, but it’s worthwhile dropping by this page/site… you may miss something!

I’m in a hurry take me to the old site!


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