Welcome to “Fun and Games.org”! An online resource for all those looking for ideas, games and things to do for children, youth, parties and events since 1999.

Fun and Games.org specialises in the traditional and contemporary group or playground games played by children, youth and adults, the site has hundreds of games listed covering virtually all occasions: day or night, indoor and outdoor, from small quiet games through to large boisterous games and wide games for when you have acres of space to play in. All this, plus puzzles, challenges, activities and events for children and youth to do, with information and links to other suggested youth work resources.

The old ‘big’ site

It’s still there… but the way the site is organised is changing and with so much content it’ll take time. So for the time being the old site is existing along side the new one. To access all the content either follow the ‘old site‘ link below, but it’s worthwhile dropping by this page/site… you may miss something!


The new site

  • Easier to search: The new site uses WordPress with all the advantages a blog format can bring to this site, so I’ll be adding each game and activity separately – and with the hundreds that are there it will take while. However, it has the advantage that games and activities will be easier to catalogue and find using tags, so if you selected the tag “ball”, you get all the games, activities and blog posts that use or mention balls…. when it’s fully up and running, that is :-)
  • Trials and tribulations: Experience of youth work gives you a very good overview of the different needs of children, differing ages and also parenting outcomes… the nature, nurture aspect of growing up. It’s not just what a child is, but also what they experience and been brought up to believe, understand, etc that affects who and what they are. And sometimes you need to be a parent to experience certain things, something I was not until relatively recently. So I’ll be adding a personal touch to the site now with my own trials and tribulations of bringing my own child up, but with a bit more focus on what we’ve done to encourage learning and skills development, also the games and activities we’ve personally used.
  • Computers and education: I’m a learning technologist (and a professional photographer so you might see the odd image of mine featured here), but there’s no reason learning should not be fun, so breaking from tradition (of this site), I’ll be adding articles looking at concepts and specific games or applications some of which are useful, others educational, or fun or both.

Have fun!


A Games Directory

With hundreds of entries the directory is an ever growing archive of games suitable for virtually any age or situation… indoors, outdoors, parties, swimming pools, small groups or large, quiet or active games, even “wide games”. If you or your group has any favourite or games we would love to know email us and help make this web site the biggest and best archive of youth work games that are played around the world.

Activity ideas

An online notepad of ideas and collected resources for youth work covering indoor and outdoor activities, suggestions for group visits and booking information where known. It’s always being added to so if you know of somewhere or something that children or youth would enjoy visiting or doing please don’t hesitate to suggest it!


Our collection of mental puzzles and riddles for you to do or give to others to solve. Some easy, some hard and most requiring a bit of lateral thinking. Add your own puzzles or answers.


Information and links on internet safety, other youth work and activity sites, craft and party material suppliers.

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